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Request for Independent Study

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Request for Independent Study

In the event that a student cannot attend school due to travel the Menlo Park City School District offers an Independent Study Plan option.

Per California Ed Code, students are eligible for an Independent Study Plan if they are going to be absent for a minimum of 3 CONSECUTIVE school days. Please note: 14 SCHOOL DAYS (cumulative) is the MAXIMUM amount of time for students to be on Independent Study Plan for an entire school year.  ISPs are not issued for the first 2 weeks of school nor the last 2 weeks of school.

If students do NOT submit completed Independent Study work within a week of their return to school, their Independent Study Plan will be marked INCOMPLETE and the absences will be considered UNEXCUSED. Your student has the same number of days they are out of school to complete and submit their work.  For example, if they have a four day ISP, they have 4 days from their return to school to submit their work.

To request an Independent Study Plan for your child(ren), please follow the steps below:

1. Parents complete this Independent Study Plan request form for EACH CHILD at LEAST FIVE DAYS before the first day of the absence. Completing this form will notify the Assistant Office Managers that your child(ren) will be on Independent Study Plans. Assistant Office Managers will update attendance records for you. There is no need to report the ISP absences on Safe Arrival. If your request is not received at least five days before the first day of absence, it will not be approved.  Our staff needs ample time to prepare Independent Study Plans and update attendance records.

2. The Assistant Office Manager (Lower Campus - Katherine Holtz or Upper Campus - Susy Rueda) will email you and the classroom teacher to provide the list of Independent Study Plan assignments. You can also find and download the checklist for your child's grade level below.

4. Upon completion of the Independent Study Plan, please email 2-3 screenshots or photos as evidence of the Independent Study Plan work completed. Email completed coursework to the Assistant Office Manager for the campus your child attends (Lower Campus - Katherine Holtz or Upper Campus - Susy Rueda). We need to file these photo work samples as evidence of the completed ISP for State attendance auditing purposes.

Here is the link to the form to request Independent Study.  Make sure to fill out this request for each child.